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We publish our blogs throughout the year!
Here are some of our published stories.

2020Rachel SmithHappy Father’s Day to all, including western snowy plover ‘dads’
2020Tawni GotbaumOverhead and underfoot (native plants)
2020Elena OeyPlover treasure troves: tales from the other end
2019Josh De GuzmanPicking up the pieces: A clue-based science:
2019Amie AguiarThe Big Deal about Tiny Plastic
2019Kerstin OzkanDangerous domoic acid
2018Alyssa DavidgeCrazy Martha: A story of plover persistence
2018Erica MillsColor bands: the ID badges of the bird world
2018Jie Yuen OngNest Diversity on the Beach
2017Kaitlyn NafzigerThe Safest Way to Beat the Heat During the Dog Days of Summer
2017Peggy BoonePrime real estate and plastic perils for breeding terns
2017Rachel SmithMigration… “the most beautiful time of the year”
2016Julia HoopesA Rare Find in the Least Tern Colony
2016Gabriela IbarguchiTracking an Elusive Tern Year-round
2016Oscar GarzonSaving Chicks at the Beach
2015Maggie Lee PostConservation Corps Clearing the Way for Western Snowy Plovers (ZooNooz article)
2015Travis WootenCo-existence with a Powerful Force (Blog and ZooNooz article)
2015Melissa MurilloCSI Coronado
2015Rachel SmithPlover Hide-and-Seek
2015Stephanie McLaughlinTerns, Plovers, and People: Living in Harmony (Blog and ZooNooz Article)
2015Monica StupaczukBreeding Strategies: Secretive Plovers & Gregarious Terns
2015Anjanette ButlerThe Art of the Western Snowy Plover’s Nest
2015Jennifer HahnPlovers Protecting Their Progeny
2015Field team and Jeanette BoylanSan Diego Zoo Global Researchers Banding, Tracking Snowy Plover Chicks Hatching in Nesting Area on Naval Amphibious Base Coronado
2014Katrina MurbockReturn of the terns [Archived – SDZG Wildlife Field Notes; archives – GD: PCBirds] – Link:
2014Jeanette BoylanA day in the life of a beach biologist [Archived – SDZG Wildlife Field Notes; archives – GD: PCBirds] – Link:
2014Claire SteeleLeast Tern: Fishing Attempt [Archived – SDZG Wildlife Field Notes; archives – GD: PCBirds] – Link:
2014Melanie CroceCalifornia Least Terns: Safety in Numbers [Archived – SDZG Wildlife Field Notes; archives – GD: PCBirds] – Link:
2014Mara PlatoBalloons, balloons, everywhere [Archived – SDZG Wildlife Field Notes; archives – GD: PCBirds] – Link:

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